Jedinečná možnost osvěžení a relaxace

Inhalation therapy

Inhalation therapy is a modern and friendly way to prevent and treat many respiratory diseases . Not only does it treat asthma and alleviates allergies, it also prevents the common cold and flu and speeds up their healing. Inhalation therapy is not only suitable for allergy sufferers, but also for all who suffer from frequent respiratory infections. It works as a treatment and prevention ...

Why is mineral water used for preventive and curative inhalation therapy? As confirmed by several studies from around the world, salty (mineral) water can help eliminate swelling of respiratory mucous membranes (eg. feeling of stuffy nose) while helping to dissolve phlegm. We use Vincentka mineral water from the nearby spa Luhacovice for our inhalation therapy.

Flu season? High sickness rate? Use inhalation therapy as prevention

Even if everyone around you is sneezing it does not mean you have to get ill yourself. If you keep your airways moist and in good condition, they are able to better resist attacks from viruses and bacteria. During the flu season people prone to respiratory infections should use inhalation therapy as a precaution, preferably once a day.

Relief from colds? Inhalation accelerates the healing of common infections

  • Removal of swelling which makes it easier to breath - blocked nose, asthmatic episodes, etc.
  • Dissolving of phlegm - clearing of sinuses
  • Overall improvement of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract - strengthening immunity