Jedinečná možnost osvěžení a relaxace


Classic massage

Classic massage helps to improve blood circulation and removes accumulated substances found in fatigued muscles (lactic acid).

Recommended (helps with)

  • Blood, oxygen and nutrients tissue supply
  • Removal of toxins from the body
  • Muscle relaxation, stimulation of nerves, positive impact on the mind
  • Improving joint movement

Not recommended (when/with)

  • Injuries, excessive physical exertion, muscle inflammation, infectious disease, high temperature, blood circulation disorder, tumors, fungal disease
  • While pregnant massage should be administered whilst seating

Massage with lava stones

A nice relaxing massage that is based on the Chinese art of energy lines in the body - meridians. The massage is done with heated stones, where their pressure allows the heat to penetrate deeper into the muscles. Massage by black polished hot lava stones is better than a conventional massage. It can be done as a separate procedure or in combination with classical massage. Stones are warmed in a water bath at 38-40 ° C. During the massage the body relaxes, deeply detoxifies, and the mind reduces stress.


  • Heals joints and bones inflammation
  • Helps relieve muscle tension
  • Regulates digestion, speeds up metabolism
  • Promotes faster healing of exerted or pulled muscles
  • Helps relieve stress, anxiety, restlessness

Not recommended (when/with)

  • During pregnancy, with epilepsy, open wounds, inflammation

Facial massage

It is a reflex massage of the face, which is effective against wrinkles, swollen eyes and stress related muscle tension. The face is connected with various organs and so the blood supply of the organs is apparent on the face. Facial reflexology massage is suitable and recommended for everyone.

Lymphatic foot massage

Lymphatic massage helps drain harmful substances from the body. If the lymph accumulates in the body it reduces the body's effectivity of defense system.

This is for example due to environmental unhealthy lifestyle or poor food. Lymphatic massage promotes detoxification, increases immunity, helps against swelling and chronic fatigue.

Recommended (when)

  • Prevents varicose ulcers
  • Prevents varicose veins
  • Detoxification of body
  • Positive help with migraine
  • Removes cellulite, firming of subcutaneous layer, reducing the volume of thighs and legs, acne, psoriasis, hair loss

Not recommended (when)

  • Nádorové onemocnění, akutní bakteriální/virové onemocnění, otevřená rána, křečové žíly v zánětu, bolestivá menstruace, těhotenství do 3. měsíce, vysoký krevní tlak
  • Diseases of the kidneys, liver, hyperfunction of thyroid gland (with consents of your doctor), new mothers within puerperium period