Jedinečná možnost osvěžení a relaxace

Sauna procedures

The effects of sauna


Sauna has very beneficial effect on the human body. Not only it is a great place for relaxation but also for detoxication thanks to its ability to remove the toxins from the body. Regular visits to a sauna can help with headaches, backaches and joint aches. The inhalation of hot air is good for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and for people suffering from diseases of the upper respiratory tract. From a cosmetic point of view, heat increases the blood flow and opens the skin pores which help with faster release of impurities from the skin. This can in turn prevent skin allergies. Sauna has also beneficial effects on insomniacs. Correct use of sauna increases the immune capacity of our system and can help avoid common diseases or the flu. Sauna is not recommended after an exhausting day's exertion, immediately after eating or fasting. It is not recommended during viral infections, inflammatory and heart diseases, with frequent eczema or during menstruation. Pregnant women can enjoy a sauna after consultation with their physician.

Finnish sauna

The original Finnish sauna looked like a summer cottage. It was heated by wood and the hot smoke, that was billowing from the stove, heated it. Then the smoke was let out and the sauna procedure could begin. Today, modern Finnish saunas that are heated by electric stoves covered with hot lava rocks are used. The temperature inside the sauna should be about 80-100 ° C, but can be more. Air should be dry to avoid possible steam burns. To increase the humidity water is poured over hot stones leading to a sharp increase in temperature. For the ultimate relaxation experience it is advisable to use a good quality essence in the sauna.

Effects of selected essences

  • Pine – antiseptic, disinfects and cleans the air, suitable when suffering with colds and flu
  • Lemon - for headaches, respiratory infections, lowers blood pressure, encourages digestion, positive effect on skin
  • Eucalyptus - acts as an antiviral, reduces fever and strengthens immune system, speeds healing of wounds, relieves bronchitis, hay fever and sinuses
  • Chamomile - relaxes and soothes, promotes the formation of red blood cells and increases the body's defenses.
  • Peppermint - stimulates stomach activity, relieves nausea, stimulates brain activity
  • Lemon Balm - is an antidepressant, reduces fever, helps with digestive problems, cardiac stimulant.
  • Spruce - antiseptic, strengthens the nerves and blood circulation, suitable when suffering with colds and flu.

Finnish sauna (also known as Dry) – Temperature in the cubicle 80 to 110 °C. Relative humidity 20%.
Bio - wet herbal sauna – Temperature in the cubicle 40-50 °C. Relative humidity of about 65%.
Salt sauna – Temperature in the cubicle 50-70 °C. Relative humidity 30-60%.

Recommended length of stay in the sauna

  • adults ………….. 8 – 15 min
  • children ………………………..…. 3 – 8 min

4 phases of sauna process

I.phase - phase beforehand, personal hygiene, use of toilets, stripping off
II.phase - warming through - stay in the cubicle - lying or sitting on various benches, calm demeanor and quiet breathing - mainly slowly through the nose.
III.phase - cooling off - either use a shower or pour a bucket of cold water over your body, go to a cold pool or use the Kneip method - the cooling of the lower extremities first, then the upper extremities. Showering back and front torso.
IV.phase - Final sauna - after the last stage shower properly, relax, top up your minerals, water and vitamin C.

The number of individual II. sauna phases determines the overall effect

1 = irritative (irritant)
2x = tonic (encouraging)
3x = relaxed (relaxing)
4x = inhibitory (attenuation)
5x = Exhaustive (fatigue)